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Brilliant leaders say that their people are at the heart of their business; but with commercial challenges and the increasing complexity in employment legislation it can be easy to lose track of the people who will help your business thrive. Developing these relationships are as important as winning new business. At Engaging Energy we are here to partner you and your leaders in getting things done whilst proactively building individual and team engagement – even during difficult times. We are commercial business partners experienced in fast paced, dynamic organisations. Our experience spans the full remit of HR specialisms and we apply our knowledge to achieve your commercial ambitions. We operate across multiple sectors and have a global reach.

We offer a simple approach to make it easier for you to target what you need, here are our four main services:
Build - Change - Repair - Strengthen
We also offer tailored solutions from on-demand advice to full HR outsourcing. Choosing the right HR Consultancy for you is an important step and so please contact our friendly team to discuss your needs – we won't hard sell or bombard you with calls and emails.

Our services are simple

- B U I L D -

Whether you are a start-up or just need to get a structure in place, designing contracts, handbooks and benefits properly can make your business an exciting place for your teams and the 'go to' employer for talented job seekers. Allowing your policies to evolve overtime will take the culture of your organisation out of your control. So take the opportunity to design the business that will inspire your staff, motivate your customers and prepare you for growth. Even great products need a great culture – Apple and Google didn't just happen by chance. Our services include:

- Staff contract development
- Handbook and policies that reflect your business
- Development of organisation structure and job roles
- Compensation, benefits and reward set up
- Competency development
- Employee forums
- Auto enrolment pension set up
- Appraisal and performance management
- Recruitment, training and development
- Employer brand development

Our team will work with you to isolate what is important to your business and create a strong platform to reflect your values and drive your ambitions.

- C H A N G E -

It's inevitable. Either responding to the market, pre-empting the competition, or as a drive for efficiency, there are unlimited reasons that will require your business to change. Making change happen is tough even with the clearest vision and most positive intentions. You risk losing valuable team members, your brand reputation and even a brush with the law. Whether the change is minor or something that will impact the whole business it is important to get it right first time. Some examples of change include:

- Introducing new technology or processes
- Selling or buying businesses/ services
- Changing job roles
- Reducing staff numbers
- Changing your organisational structure
- Relocating offices, teams or individuals
- Upsizing and periods of accelerated growth
- Changes to pay and benefits

Change, even negative, can have positive effects on an organisation – don't go it alone.

- R E P A I R -

Over time organisations can develop problems. There can be any number of reasons but left undealt with these can seriously damage the business operation. A bad atmosphere can lead to low productivity, valuable staff leaving and high sickness absence; in some cases as little as one employee can be detrimental to an entire organisation. The impact of this can also be felt by customers and suppliers which can pose a significant risk to profitability. If you have issues within your teams don't ignore it. Conflict in an organisation can lead to positive changes if dealt with properly. Some symptoms include:

- Disengaged staff
- Disruptive team members
- Conflict both between individuals and teams
- High lateness, absence and turnover
- Short and long term sickness
- Low performance
- Lack of leadership from managers
- Discipline and grievance matters
- Poor recruitment of staff
- Complaints from team members, suppliers and customers

These issues can be daunting so take the opportunity to work with us to build solutions that will positively change your business.

- S T R E N G T H E N -

A successful organisation is more than just a few star performers. It's the combined skill and expertise of all staff working together to achieve a unified vision. They will communicate clearly, be motivated, feel valued and believe in the organisation. As a leader you will have a solid team of loyal, well trained professionals, who will follow you as you point to the next challenge, exceeding your expectations along the way.

As an employer small actions can have a dramatic effect on the way your employees perceive you which can have lasting benefits for your business and the bottom line. Energise and engage your people to help your business succeed, evolve and grow. Some examples of initiatives are:

- Leadership development and coaching
- Succession and talent planning
- Performance and engagement strategies
- Recruitment
- Competency framework development
- Graduate and intern schemes
- Bespoke training and development
- Culture change and employer brand

On demand services: we understand that sometimes you just need to bounce an idea or ask a question - it might be about a discipline matter or how to deal with a flexible working request. We are happy to help with these and so please call us for more information. Outsourcing: We are ready and equipped to become your HR partner and actively manage your organisations Human Resources. Please let us know if this is something you are considering so we can meet up and see if we like each other.



We believe in an open and honest approach and so we keep our packages flexible to allow you to work with us when you need us. There are no expensive retainers or hidden charges – just a clear rate and full project scoping so you can make informed decisions and keep control of the costs. Our pricing structure is simple and so please contact us to discuss your needs. We want to build a long-term relationship with you and so will do all we can to keep your costs low. Please call to arrange a meeting with one of our team...

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